Other Items

Wide range of other quality products

We also supply many other products including

  • Hygiene Cladding
  • Anti-Microbial Sheeting
  • Trims & Accessories for all Cladding sheets
  • Carports & Canopies
  • Corrugated Sheeting
  • Greenhouses & garden storage solutions
  • Flat Sheeting

Hygiene Cladding

This is ideal for Sterile/Clean rooms, Hospitals and clinics, Pharmaceutical structures, Food manufacturing structures, sorting halls, Storage refrigeration chambers, planting of food transport trucks, Livestock, poultry and dairy farmers, egg sorting halls, water containers, production and sorting systems. These products create an environment which is safe, clean and very easy to wipe down.

Our range of hygiene cladding varies and proves to be a cost effective , economical and a quick way of cladding large wall areas.

For those who require a working environment which has to meet strict health and hygiene regulations we supply Ant-Microbial Sheeting - This is a PVC sheet which has active hygiene ingredients which effectively eliminates harmful micro organisms in less than 24 hours, Also kills microbes, eliminates many types of mould, fungi and bacteria.

To go with the sheeting we supply all corners and trims to suit.

All types of Carports & Canopies

These come flat packed and are easy to install. These products have many uses ranging from smoking shelters, car ports, bin ports, or boat and bike ports to over door canopies.

All of our carports and canopies are virtually maintenance free, they are made from materials which create a tough and sturdy structure and they all come complete with all fixings.

Corrugated Sheeting

Is available in Bituwell or PVC and is available in many sizes. The Bituwell sheets are ideal for agricultural and industrial structures but are also equally as useful for private purposes including sheds, holiday chalets and carports. Whereas the PVC sheets are designed for Porches, swimming pools, patio canopies, grandstands, carports and greenhouses.

All fixings and accessories are also available for both styles of corrugated sheeting.

Greenhouses & Storage Solutions

Our greenhouses are as clear as glass but as strong as steel. The crystal clear Polycarbonate glazing is virtually unbreakable.

A range of sizes and styles are available and all are easy to assemble, as with all of our products we also supply a complete range of accessories.

Our storage solutions are ideal for bin cupboards, firewood storage or even mini style sheds for storing all of your garden equipment. They are also maintenance free.

Flat Sheeting

Available in many styles and strengths including:

Acrylic sheeting: Is an extruded high quality sheet with a transparency and clarity surpassing glass. Its inherent UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Glazing with acrylic is easy using standard tools and procedures. Acrylic sheets can easily be formed, fabricated and machined or serve as a substitute for printed signs.

Correx Sheeting: Is a White fluted Polypropylene board. A low cost-effective, light weight, short term signage and packaging sheet. Easy to fabricate, used for temporary signs and protective packaging.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheeting

A solid polycarbonate sheet which delivers the transparency of glass at less than half the weight combined with the strength of steel. It can be cold bent, fabricated or formed, making it ideal for applications such as, Barrel vault roofing, roof lights, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear or embossed polycarbonate sheets can also be used for machine guards and safety glazing.

For more info on all of the products stated above please call the office and a member of staff will be happy to help.

We also have unique brochures which explain about all of these products in more detail and also shows prices for all items.