Guttering & Downpipe

A big range of decorative profiles and colours to match all popular roofline system

Daylite Building Plastics supply rainwater gutter system in square, half round, deepstyle and ogee, in white, black, brown, grey and caramel. Anthracite Grey gutter and pipe is available but only in deepstyle. We supply 114mm square style guttering and 65mm matching square downpipe whereas our round guttering is 112mm with 68mm downpipe. Daylite Building Plastics also supplies Brett Martin cast iron effect puttering and downpipe. This has all the benefits of modern PVC gutter installation but with the look of traditional cast iron gutter and downpipe. All the guttering and pipes are guaranteed for colour fastness and performance by the manufacturer & our gutter features a unique co-extruded rubber seal to ensure leak free gutter for all installations.